The MG Difference

We are passionate about creating exceptional marketing solutions in a fashion that enhances lives, organizations and our community. Each client who works with us will benefit from strategic and creative marketing services provided by a passionate, professional, precise and phun group. Further, each client can be assured that working with us will also contribute to the betterment of our local and global community. Since our inception we have shared our time, talent and treasure to help underprivileged people in Kelowna and around the world. We call this “Prosperity for Purpose” and it is part of what makes us different. maclean group would welcome the opportunity to help achieve what matters to you and, in turn, share what matters to us.


First and foremost, we listen. We begin every project with our proprietary ideation process in our genesis lab. We absorb as much information about your business as possible. We need to know your strengths, your competition, and your opportunities. Your business challenges are unique. By discovering what makes you tick, and finding out where you want to go, we define your marketing challenge. Then, we research and analyze information. We’ll create a winning strategy for you. We will look at new directions, market trends, and the competitive edge. We focus on results. We establish an overall communications plan. We define the goals, target audiences, and key messages. Our entire team gets involved, and works hard to produce a strategic platform for your message. During the implementation phase, maclean group will ensure the highest production standards are met. We have long-term relationships with printers, publishers, specialist suppliers, and secure the best quality work for you. We will manage all areas of production. Then, we evaluate. We hold ourselves accountable. We work SMART – to specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and truthful goals.

Our Treatise

Business is about relationship and it’s built on trust. You want to make sure that the people you are asking to partner with you share the same values that you have. You want to make sure you can trust them. At maclean group we have set forth our “Treatise” – our meaning or purpose. These are the values that are at the heart of our organization. It’s what we believe. It’s why we do what we do. We trust that this will help you get to know us before you really get to know us. We also trust that this will help you to decide if we are the kind of agency that shares your values, and if indeed you are the kind of organization that shares our values. We believe: 1. We are here to serve our clients, not the other way around: In light of this, our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. 2. A good reputation is more important than gold or silver: Therefore, we will endeavour to do everything within our power to do an excellent job on behalf of our clients ensuring that the price, product and process of what we do is what we had agreed upon and meets or exceeds the expectation of the client. 3. People are more important than profits: This influences how we deal with clients, co-workers, vendors, community members and even how we deal with competitors. In light of this we endeavour to ensure that we treat other people the way that we want to be treated. We are respectful, empathetic, encouraging, compassionate, honest, honourable, gracious, kind and in all things deal with the greatest of integrity. And, we strive to ensure an appropriate work/life balance keeping in mind our physical, mental and emotional needs. 4. The “uniquely maclean” 4 P’s of marketing: Therefore, we are a group of Professional, Passionate, Precise and Phun people who provide exceptional marketing services to the business community wrapped in our own brand of creativity. 5. Our clients want us to take charge, not simply take orders: In light of this we will continually strive to provide professional, passionate and precise “servant” leadership that instils confidence and vision. This means we will lead, but not as independent, arrogant premadonnas, but in a respectful, collaborative relationship knowing that only the combination of our client’s expertise and ours will produce synergistic results for the best interests of our clients. 6. The principle of prosperity for purpose: It is our responsibility to utilize the prosperity we create and enjoy to aid and assist those who are less fortunate than ourselves. In light of this we have shared our time, talent and treasure with not-for-profit agencies both corporately and as individuals. (These have included the African Children’s Choir, World Vision, Hope for the Nations, International Justice Mission, Young Life of Canada, Kelowna Gospel Mission, Fat Cat Festival, YM/YWCA, The United Way, Variety Club Children’s Radiothon, and many more). 7. Our responsibility to contribute to the betterment of our global community: This influences the kind of work we do and how we volunteer in our community. Ultimately we are not conducting business simply to make money and provide for the lives of our staff. We want our community to be better – we want our world to be better – because this company exists. We can make this community and this world a better place one person at a time, one project at a time. 8. “How” we do business is equally as important as “what” we do: Truly at the end of the day we as a company and we as individuals will be remembered more by how we conducted ourselves in the lives of individuals and in the life of our community than by the actual work we performed – what we did. However, we will always endeavour to wholeheartedly produce the very best work possible for our clients. 9. Implementation of these beliefs that will ultimately lead to our success: Bottom line – our beliefs are demonstrated by the way we act. If we live and conduct business this way we will grow and prosper as a company and as individuals and will ultimately make our community and this world a better place.


We love being creative and producing great marketing. Our work speaks for itself, and the awards we’ve received over the years speak even louder: • Best Economic Development Commission promotional piece in North America (“Silicon Vineyard”) • Canadian E-Business Leadership Award for the best online conference and training site (“Business Beyond the Box”) • Dozens Silver CHBA Tommie Awards • Numerous Gold CHBA Tommie Awards • Best On-Field Promotion in North America (“Promo-chute”) • PROFIT Magazine’s 110th Fastest Growing Company in Canada. • Kelowna Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Award Get Flash Player